{sms} Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

These are the classic cross-hatch chewy peanut butter cookies we all know and love. Very easy to make and very easy to eat.

For some, I made thumbprint Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies using some of the preserves I made last week.

I also made ice cream. I thought Cinnamon-Honey Ice Cream would pair well with the cookies. And it so did. When I was a child my best friend would always eat peanut butter and honey cinnamon sandwiches on white bread for lunch. These ice cream sandwiches reminded me of those lunches. I used David Lebovitz’s Lavender-Honey Ice Cream recipe as the base, substituting ground cinnamon for the lavender. You can find the orginal recipe HERE.

Thanks to Stephanie of Ice Cream Before Dinner for picking Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies this week for Sweet Melissa Sundays. If you would like the cookie recipe, please visit her blog.

39 thoughts on “{sms} Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. Sweet mother those look good. I love the ice cream cookie sandwiches. Im going to do that with my cookies today at my parents house. I made the cookies yesterday and fell in love! Your jam in the middle of these cookies puts me over the top with hunger pains…yumm..great, great great!!!

  2. Oh man, that sounds great. These would make awesome ice cream sandwiches, you’re right! And your bit about cinnamon and honey is making me want to put some cinnamon-honey butter I have on them- would that be a bad thing to do? Fantastic job!

  3. Okay, the cookies look good but its that ice cream that has me licking my lips! Mmmmm, sounds really good. I’m going to give it a try.

  4. I don’t know where to start! The ice cream sammies look so good. I love the idea to use cinnamon with PB, I never would have thought of that. I did ponder chocolate ice cream in the middle of these cookies, but I was too lazy to go that route.
    Now, on to my very favorite thing that you did: the PB strawberry thumbprints look awesome! I wish I were your neighbor because I’d come around begging for some of those!

  5. Everything looks fabulous! I was planning to make cinnamon ice cream to pair with the imminent TWD banana cake and it’s great to know that it will go well with these cookies too!

  6. These look so delicious. I loved peanut butter and honey sandwiches as a child (and still do). But a peanut butter cookie ice cream honey sandwich? That might be a death row dessert.

  7. I was wondering how the preserves would taste with the cookie… and the ice cream looks wonderful! I love peanut butter and honey together.

  8. I wish I was half as creative as you – because I saw the lavender honey ice cream and thought there’s NO way anyone (me included) would eat lavender. Duh – try using something else, right? Thanks for the idea, because I love cinnamon. Love it. Totally love it.

  9. Yum. That flavor pairing (the cinnamon honey ice cream & the pb cookies) sounds absolutely divine! I love the thumbrints – was the jam on the cookies while baking, or do you put it on after?? Looks great!!!

  10. I think these would be perfect for jam thumbprint cookies. I’ll have to give that a shot next time. And as always, your ice cream choice sounds fantastic – honey cinnamon, yum!

  11. love, LOVE, love your photos !
    Please , can you tell me what camera you use ?
    My digital camera just quit working last week and I’m freaking out ! I NEED A NEW CAMERA ASAP.
    PLEASE let me know.
    You have great photos on you blog !
    Those cookies look amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ciao ! I’m so happy to be back on your blog !!! These cookies are great and you made the most out of them !! (if you have a free weekend somewhere I’ll be happy to take you for a Rome tour !!)

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