{sms} whole orange poppy seed cake

My town was built on oranges. Really, orange groves used to cover the land and you could smell the trees and blossoms. Development over the years has led to the destruction of most of the orange groves to the point where most of the oranges in the grocery stores are shipped in from out of the area.

There’s a group whose goal is to save the remaining orchards through education and selling shares of the crop. These locally grown oranges are the best I’ve ever tasted. You can taste the sunshine. Because of this, I only buy oranges from the farmers’ market.

You can read an interesting article about the history of oranges in my area from the New York Times Travel Section HERE.

This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays selection uses a whole orange, skin and all, to flavor it. It was a breeze to prepare. I made a third of the recipe (but used half an orange, ate the other half) and made two mini-loaves.

It smelled wonderful going into the oven and smelled even better coming out of the oven. I couldn’t wait to try it. But wait, it needed to be glazed. The cake is glazed with a syrup made from a reduction of fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, and sugar.

I really loved this cake the flavor blossomed in the oven and was fresh and light. This is a perfect cake for a tea or shower or just because.

Thanks to Melissa of Lulu the Baker for choosing a great recipe. If you would like the recipe, buy the book or visit Melissa’s blog.

30 thoughts on “{sms} whole orange poppy seed cake

  1. What a lovely place it must have been to grow up! I love oranges, such a shame that the groves are under threat 😦

    You cakes looks delish!

    Katie xox

  2. How lovely! It’s a similar story here in Central FL of Orange groves being pushed out. It’s a sad story. 😦

    Your cake looks great! I omitted the poppy seed because I was too lazy to go out and buy some. But yours looks so nice with them in it!

  3. This looks wonderful! I have some recipes for lemon poppy seed bread, but I’m fascinating by the whole orange thing…it looks so moist and you can almost tell from the picture how flavorful it is! (btw, I’ve seen those scalloped mini loaves on another blog, and although I don’t need and can’t store ONE MORE baking pan, I want those!)

  4. I love a good orange. I can only imagine how good a fresh, local orange must taste, and the bread would be that much better with a great orange.

    Your mini loaf is so cute!

  5. The article on the oranges was interesting. My brother lives in CA and I love to go visit him and wake up to the aroma of oranges. That smell is wonderful.
    Your bread looks very good. I loved this recipe too!

  6. I remember living in the suburbs of California – we had a HUGE orange tree in our front yard – as did 90% of our neighbors. They would sell the oranges in big paper bags – $1 for 10 lbs.

    Now, we have to buy substandard fruit from the store!

  7. Save the orange trees! The house I grew up in had the last apple trees from the orchards. Nothing like fresh fruit…except maybe these cakes

  8. I loved visiting my aunt’s house in CA and picking the oranges from the trees in her yard. I was amazed, but my cousins are pretty blase about it. This looks like a delicious cake, and I vote for cake “just because”! Any cake with the taste of sunshine shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion.

  9. This looks delicious! I made mine yesterday, and hopefully I’ll post it tonight. I’m so jealous that you can buy oranges at the Farmer’s Market. Citrus is one thing that I know I’ll never be able to get locally around here.

  10. Love this cake! I love orange in anything, but never thought of subbing it for lemon in the poppy seed cake I make. Great idea!

    IMO, nothing smells better than orange blossoms. I grew up in Florida and when the citrus trees in the yard were blooming, the air smelled so good. Now that I’m in California, I have lemons and limes and orange trees, and I go outside and madly sniff around the trees to capture that wonderful smell.

  11. I bet the smell of these was delicious! I love orange baked goods, they always bring back good memories from my childhood 😀

  12. Your cake looks fantastic! I was really sorry to have missed this one, but I had a big baking project this weekend, and I just didn’t have the time. I’m hoping to make it this week, everyone’s look so yummy!

  13. You are on a roll! I am just catching up on your post and everything looks amazing! I love lemon poppy seed cake. It is absolutely one of my faves. I have never made one-from scratch. Can hardly wait to see your TWD post.

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