Whole Wheat Walnut Bread

For a delicious and quick 100% whole-wheat bread look no further then the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking book and the recipe for Whole Wheat Walnut Bread. I used traditional whole wheat flour and didn’t finely chop the walnuts. I love the texture of bigger pieces of nuts in the bread. Okay, the truth is I missed that I was supposed to finely chop or crush the walnuts until it was too late. I do love the crunchiness though, so it was a good mistake.

The bread makes excellent toasted peanut  butter and gooseberry jam (my new favorite flavor) sandwiches.  You can find the recipe HERE. The recipe in the book is slightly different. It gives you the option of using traditional whole wheat.

13 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Walnut Bread

  1. Homemade bread hits top spot for me anytime and your loaf with whole wheat and walnuts looks and sounds sooooo good. Oh yes please a slice of your bread toasted the spread with peanut butter -YUM!

  2. Even though it was a mistake, I am totally with you on not chopping up the walnuts. I love walnuts, especially huge chunks of them. You know, you bake bread so much, you should send in your creations to Susan at Wild Yeast Blog for her weekly YeastSpotting round up!

  3. That is a great book, and your bread looks fabulous!
    I love that KA doesn’t pepper their books too much with their own product names. I have a Hodgson’s Mill one that is almost unreadable because of that.

  4. Delicious and hearty!
    I like big chunks of nuts too, so this would have been perfect for me as well.
    I’m always intrigued about 100% whole wheat recipes, aren’t they too dense?

  5. I’ve been craving a nice whole wheat bread with all the white breads we’ve been baking. This one, with the walnuts, looks irresistible!

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