Desiree’s Pizza for Vegan Tuesday

Today’s post marks my 200th blog entry.

This is my sister, Desiree:


Okay, it’s an old picture. Desiree is 14 years younger than me and when I was younger I used to play dress up with her. This is the Robert Smith from The Cure-look on a 3-year old.

This is a more recent picture:


As I mentioned before,  Desiree can’t have dairy anymore. I gave Desiree a stack of my vegetarian cookbooks  and told her to pick whatever she wants and I will make it for her. She tabbed several recipes, including Oatmeal-Banana-Raisin Waffles (which I will make sometime in the future) and Green Goddess Garlic Pizza (which I made this week). Both of the recipes are from Vegan With a Vengeance.

I chose to make the pizza because: 1) I love homemade pizza and hadn’t made it in a long time and 2) I wanted to demonstrate to Desiree that pizza without cheese isn’t boring (her belief).

Due to the various components, making the pizza was very labor intensive. It took me all day. And I would gladly do it again. It was so worth the work. Full of green vegetables and garlic you can almost taste the life energy and nutrients as you eat it.

The pizza has a Roasted Garlic paste base, which is then topped with homemade vegan Classic Pesto and Green Garden Puree. All of this is then sprinkled with wilted spinach, chopped broccoli florets, green olives, and sliced garlic.

Pre-bake pizza

Pre-bake pizza

I made the pizza dough as written except I used fresh yeast instead of active dry yeast. Then I roasted 2 bulbs of garlic. I made the Green Garden Vegetable Puree, which involved blanching asparagus, green beans, and frozen peas and then puree-ing them with slivered almonds, garlic (yes,more), parsley, scallions, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and nutmeg.  The puree is then mixed with crumbled tofu and chopped basil. I made the Classic Pesto, which instead of Parmesan uses nutritional yeast. I wilted the spinach, chopped the broccoli, sliced the olives, and sliced the garlic.

And FINALLY the pizza was ready to assemble.

The recipe makes enough for two large 14″ pizzas or in my case one large 14″ inch pizza  and two smaller ones. We ate the large one for dinner and sliced up the smaller ones for work lunches. The pizzas were a big success. Desiree loved it. Her boyfriend thought it was tasty. And I thought it was the best pizza I’ve ever made. I loved the in-your-face garlic flavor. I loved the chewy and slightly sweet crust and vibrant vegetable toppings.

You can find the recipe for the Green Goddess Garlic Pizza and all components HERE.

Please visit Michele at Veggie Num Nums to see what she made for Vegan Tuesday.

22 thoughts on “Desiree’s Pizza for Vegan Tuesday

  1. Desiree is cuter on the first photo! just kidding,of course she’s prettier now…

    I love Brocolli so even if I’m not vegan I know I’m goin to love this green pizza!

  2. It is a gorgeous pizza (and a gorgeous sis, too!) and what a workout for your knife skills. The veggies are very cool, but you know that I’m going to say I’m most impressed by the fresh yeast crust!! I wonder if you could cut a few steps by making batches of the pureed items, and freezing for the next round of pizza making?

  3. Beautiful combination of flavors! Some days you just need the whole 1 day of cooking especially if it is for siblings.

    Oh yeah and there is no such thing as to much garlic especially roasted.

  4. The pizza looks delish and very healthy. We like to go vegan from time to time, my daughter likes it and it makes us feel more nutritionally balanced.

  5. You’re such a good sister! Homemade pizza has been on my list forever, so I need to get going. And Congrats on the 200th post! Can’t wait to read the next 200!

  6. Haha, I love that picture of your sister 🙂

    Also, I read Middlesex last year, what a great book. I hope you are enjoying it. I need to get back to reading again.

  7. Cute pictures of your sis – I dressed my baby brother up too (as a girl usually, lol). The pizza looks so yummy with all that broccoli on top!

  8. Gotta say your pizza doesn’t look bad at all and with all the garlic you mentioned it sounds good, too. Really there’s not one ingredient on it that I don’t like.

  9. LOL LOL LOL OH! MY! I used to be a great fan of Smith too… attended all of his concerts when he came around (I guess that says my age, huh?) …and I can’t say for sure, how I would have tortured a younger sibbling had I had one to make up like that!!! But I’m glad to see you at least had fun! I hope she doesn’t hold it against you today… with her teased hair like that, she looks as quirky as …pizza, indeed!

  10. How fun that you had a little sister to dress up and play with!

    And how nice of you to make a special dairy free pizza – it looks really good.

  11. Honestly, you can just tell that your sister is kick ass. Anyone with that hair and eyeshadow at such a young age must be.

    Love the pizza. I get headaches from cheese, so I try to go easy on it, too. I’ll try this nutritional stuff…..

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