Vegan Cinnamon Buns

I had fun with this week’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge bread–Cinnamon Buns or Sticky Buns. First of all, I used fresh yeast for the first time. It’s weird, it’s like clay.

Fresh Yeast

Secondly, I veganized the recipe. My sister, Desiree, has to cut out dairy from her diet for health reasons. Instead of butter, I used Earth Balance. For the milk, I used almond milk. And for the egg, I used one tablespoon of ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tablespoons of water.

The dough rose quickly and it didn’t need the full 2 hours for it to double in size. It was doubled in about an hour. Once shaped the buns rose beautifully. They were big before they went into the oven and they were ginormous when they came out.

Overall, this was an easy recipe. Not a lot of work for a great deal of bang. Eating these was like eating a soft pillow. They were light and very flavorful. These were the best I ever tasted, vegan or not. Definitely better than Cinnabon.Ā  Sometime in the future I would love to bake the Sticky Bun version.

39 thoughts on “Vegan Cinnamon Buns

  1. Beautiful buns! Interesting to think of how to “veganize” a recipe. How did you come up with subbing flaxseed for the egg? Did you notice any taste difference? Great job!

  2. great job with the veganizing! i’ve been getting requests for vegan cupcakes so i’ve been thinking about delving into vegan baking myself. your success is encouraging!

  3. Hmmm, a ginormous cinnamon bun would hit the spot right about now! Great job with the vegan subs and congrats on producing the best cinnamon bun ever. I hope you enjoy the fresh yeast and that yours lasts as long as mine has (2 months so far!)

  4. We made cinnamon buns in class yesterday. They were so dangerous (delicious) I dropped the entire box off at my aunts house! Yours look so great and now I know how to make them vegan!

  5. Those look amazing! I’d never heard of using ground flaxseed in place of eggs, I’m glad it worked out. I should let a friend know who’s trying to go vegetarian, and occasionally vegan, because she’s been missing out on baked goods.

  6. I love the overhead shot of all the buns in the pan. As much as I like Cinnabon, I don’t doubt that the homemade ones are better!

  7. Beautiful! That looks like a lot of fresh yeast to have fun with =). I’ve been wanting to try the BBA cinnamon buns for quite some time and this was just the push I needed.

  8. Wow, one of those would surely beat the non-fat vanilla yogurt, strawberries and blueberries I just finished. Yummmm those look soooo good.

  9. I’ve always wondered what fresh yeast looked like! Thanks for posting that picture. Your cinnamon buns are sooooo puffy! I hope mine can look like that when I finally decided to attempt making them.

  10. Where does one get fresh yeast? I’ve been trying to get my hands on some to try it out. Did you notice a difference in the quality of the rise–do you think that’s why they rose more quickly? They look amazing!

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