{sms} Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream

Yay! Ice cream! I’m always up for ice cream.

This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays group recipe was Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s vanilla ice cream made with brown sugar instead of white sugar. I loved the taste the brown sugar gave the ice cream. We also had a choice of making a fudge or a butterscotch sauce, but I completely forgot. Oops.

I also baked the Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Almonds that the group baked during my break. I’m so glad I did, because they were really good. I loved the addition of toasted almonds. I had them with this week’s ice cream and they were a great combination. You can find the recipe for them HERE.

Thank you to Karen of Karen’s Cookies Cakes & More for selecting this week’s recipe. You can find the recipe on her blog.

25 thoughts on “{sms} Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. Okay, the first thing I thought of when I saw your recipe was cookie dough. Does the flavor resemble that awesome taste you get when you eat raw cookie dough? I’d love to make that ice cream flavor. This looks great!

  2. Oh myb goodness. my fav… ice cream and cookies together! Your cookies look fantastic and the ice cream looks so refreshing and tasty. Did you make cookie sandwichs? Im bummed my ice cream maker broke or else I would have been all over this!

  3. Yum, your ice cream looks so good, it’s making me wish we hadn’t just eaten the last of ours (that I made this morning)! I never thought I would love vanilla so much!

  4. Mmmm–cookies and ice cream! Your cc/almond cookies look de-lish! And your ice cream always does! I’m gonna make this brown sugar ice cream I’m see all over today!

  5. Oh man, I wish I still had some of those cookies sitting around so I could have them with the ice cream! Your cookies and ice cream look marvelous – glad you enjoyed them!!

  6. Um, drool! You always outdo yourself with the fantastic ice cream. The cookies look good enough for me to reach through the screen and grab!

  7. So, would you say you prefer vanilla ice cream with brown sugar over regular white?

    This sounds really good and will definitely be giving it a try!

    LOL, no ice cream sandwiches?

  8. I bet the combination of those cookies and that ice cream was amazing! I’m tempted to go make a batch of cookies right now because I still have a little ice cream in the freezer!

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