{SMS} Granola Breakfast Cookies

Granola Breakfast Cookie

When I first read the title for these cookies, I imagined them to be like the locally-made bars wrapped in plastic with homemade stickers I buy from a little basket near the register at my health-food store. They are thick and yummy and full of healthy sounding ingredients.

I was a little disappointed when I discovered that this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe selection–the Granola Breakfast Cookies— were drop cookies  not bars. But that’s where the disappointment ended. These cookies are made with whole-wheat flour and Cherry-Almond Granola (which I blogged about on Friday) and are absolutely delicious. And I made them as bar cookies to be more like my health food store bard. So everything is right in the world.

Thank you to Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen for selecting these cookies. They were a big hit at work. Everyone gobbled them up.  Please visit her blog, not only for the recipe, but because it truly is a great blog.

Granola Breakfast Cookies

26 thoughts on “{SMS} Granola Breakfast Cookies

  1. I’ve been known (I know – I’m hanging my head) to eat homemade oatmeal cookies for breakfast…so this is a much better idea! They look great!

  2. These look great. Love them as bar cookies. Having these around in the morning might help make things less insane around here – I will have to try them!

  3. MM Your granola looks delish on top of your yogurt parfait! I did the same and added some of mine to yogurt as well – gotta love that crunch! Good idea to make yours as Bars!

  4. Those bars look wonderful, what a great idea. I love that you didn’t have to make the individual cookies (so time consuming). I’m glad that you enjoyed them and thanks for baking along with me this week!

  5. Great idea to make the cookies as bars! I saved some of the dough and stuck it in the freezer so maybe I’ll try bars when I bake it. Glad you enjoyed them!

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