{TWD} Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding


I never thought I would be in a place in my life to use stale homemade croissants for bread pudding. But here I am and here we are with this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection: Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding. Dorie Greenspan suggests using stale brioche or challah. I figured stale croissants would work.

Because I only had 6 ounces of stale croissants, I made a half a recipe. The recipe came together quickly with no hang-ups. Other than the croissants, I didn’t substitute or add ingredients. I baked it one day and tried it the next like suggested. I’ve learned that bread pudding is not my thing. I’ve only had it once before and thought it was okay. I liked the taste of the Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding I just don’t like the texture of bread pudding.

Thank you to Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle for selecting this week’s recipe. Visit her blog for the recipe.