{SMS} Caramel Apple Turnovers with Sweet Ricotta Filling

Caramel Apple Turnovers

With so much chocolate lately, this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays selection came just in time. Of course, anything involving caramel apples doesn’t need an excuse for me.

If you are reading this Sunday morning, I’m currently running my annual half-marathon. Running is not my thing. I prefer spinning classes and circuit training. Every year my town holds a half-marathon and every year I run as a challenge to myself, trying to beat the previous year’s time. Since I don’t like running for exercise, I don’t train for the race. Since I don’t train, my legs will be sore for the next two days. Every year I vow to train and every year I don’t. It’s a ritual.Β  It amazes me every year that I can run the whole course. So, please wish me luck and hope my legs won’t be too sore this week.

I have extra motivation this week in the form of a Caramel Apple Turnover with Sweet Ricotta Filling. I made these on Saturday, but because of the race I haven’t tasted one yet. My husband gobbled down two and he said they were delicious, even with apples. He has a thing against apples. He actually liked the apples in the turnovers. I think because they were cooked to death in a caramely sauce.

Thank you to Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures for picking this week’s selection as we bake our way through the Sweet Melissa Baking Book. Please visit her blog for the recipe.

30 thoughts on “{SMS} Caramel Apple Turnovers with Sweet Ricotta Filling

  1. Hahaha – guess what? I just “ran” my hometown’s half marathon yesterday. I’m just a wee bit sore, so I’m right there with you πŸ™‚ Those turnovers look fantastic! I was running with a friend, and all we kept saying was – this will all be worth it when we get pancakes afterwards πŸ™‚

  2. All I’m going to do, marathon-wise, is watch tomorrow…but I’m looking forward to it. These look absolutely gorgeous. A great reward for your great endeavor!

  3. I can’t run at all – I prefer biking and have been known to take my kids on 10 mile rides! Good luck and I hope you beat your time from last year!

    BTW – did you make your own puff pastry?

  4. i hope your race went well. i was in the process of training for one and then totally fell off the wagon. these turnovers look amazing and yes, nice break from the chocolate!!

  5. Good luck with your half marathon! I don’t blame you — training is the worstworstworst part of marathons. I don’t like it at all. Get yourself in an ice bath when you finish and maybe the soreness won’t be as bad. And definitely reward yourself with a turnover! They look beautiful!

  6. A half marathon without training? That’s impressive!! Glad your husband like them. Hope you get to try one too πŸ™‚ They look like they puffed up beautifully. Thanks for baking with me this week!

  7. Oh, I’ll bet you’re done running now and enjoying a delicious turnover (and trying to forget sore legs). I used to love running – ran track in high school and college – but developed some injuries and haven’t been able to run for 25 years. Boy do I miss it! And I’m seriously impressed that you can handle that distance without training. Great job, Wendy, on the running and the turnovers.

  8. Wow, the idea of running a half-marathon without training is inconceivable to me; I’m very impressed. Enjoy your delicious-looking turnovers (and any other treat you want)!

  9. Those look & sound good but I’m not crazy about cooked apples. The texture and taste of them is often hit or miss. Now the ricotta filling is spot on…love that stuff!

    Btw, you go girl, running more than a few miles is impressive in my book!

  10. Holy cow! You run a half-marathon every year and you don’t even like running? that is craZy! I ran a half-marathon last year and I do like running and I vowed never to do it again. ha ha
    I hope you aren’t too sore.
    These turnovers look deliciously amazing.

  11. I hope the half-marathon went fabulously! Here’s hoping you’re at home, with your feet up, and enjoying one of these fabulous turnovers. They’re totally delicious, as your husband said!! Yours look delicious.

  12. I can’t believe how gorgeous yours turned out, ok, well I can. But wow, they look so perfect. Congrats on the half marathon, would love to do that but think running is out of my life now with my back problems.

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