It started as a joke

and I turned it into reality. Isn’t this how a lot of great ideas come about? Last week I brought into work my trio of homemade croissants. The joke started because of a super-delicious flaky cheese croissant. KM, who always has wonderful ideas, asked me –as he munched on a super-delicious flaky cheese croissant–if I had ever had pigs in a blanket made with hot dogs and Pilsbury Crescent Rolls. Of course I had, as a kid growing up. It was a quick and easy dinner for working and busy parents.

AG jumped in and said wouldn’t it be a hoot to make pigs in a blanket with homemade croissants? I laughed and said, yeah right I would never make croissants just to wrap around a hot dog. I don’t even eat hot dogs, not even veggie ones.

Well, as it turns out, this past weekend I made Morning Buns {these are very delicious and I’ll post these sometime in the future}. These are super-charged cinnamon rolls made with croissant dough. The thing about the recipe I made was that it only uses 1/2 a recipe of croissant dough. So I had a 1/2 a recipe of croissant dough sitting in my refrigerator. My choices were (1) make more morning buns or (2) make croissants. And then I remembered our joke from last week and thought why the heck not?

I ran to Trader Joes and bought Smart Dogs (veggie protein links). I rolled out the dough and cut it. I added some grated swiss cheese and the veggie dogs. I rolled them up and let them rise. I added a bit more cheese to the top and stuck them in the oven.

OMG. These were so good. They were so good, that KM who was out sick came into work when he heard about them. He really was sick and rolled out of bed and looking very pale ate the last one. He then went back home to get better. These are definitely not your mother’s pigs in a blanket.

homemade pigs in a blanket


Roll out and cut croissant dough per instructions. Add a tablespoon of cheese to each triangle. Add the hot dog half. Proof as directed. Prior to baking, sprinkle more cheese on top.

24 thoughts on “It started as a joke

  1. I don’t like hot or veggie dogs either but if these make you a convert then I’ll have to try them! Maybe you’re on to something, croissant and cheese makes everything taste good

  2. y’know I’ve made 3 attempts at croissants. something with the lamination or the rolling, i’m not sure, but mine come out looking great but taste more like bread than flaky croissants. yours look PERFECT. I will just have to do a 4th try!!

  3. Oh, shoot! That’s too funny, someone must have called him and he rolled out of his sick bed to get one?! Geesh, they MUST have been good! They look fantastic!

    Btw, I’m just in awe of how you whip up all these fabulous breads, rolls, croissants, heck eveything!

  4. You make it sound so easy to just “whip up” croissant dough!

    I don’t eat hot dogs either, but I have to admit those sure look cute!

  5. Oh wow! My husband would totally leave me for you if he saw this 🙂 Well, assuming you’d be willing to switch out the veggie dogs for beef dogs on his. These look delicious!

  6. Oh, how perfectly snooty!!
    It makes me think of that commercial from several years ago with rolls royce pulling up to another, and a proper gentleman rolling down the window and asking “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”

    I’m certain he was eating one of your hotdogs.

  7. Those look AWESOME. And I agree with Sweetcharity – those are just screaming for some grey poupon.

    I saw the Rescue Chef guy make easy “smores” the other day by cutting open a croissant, stuffing it with hershey chocolate and Fluff marshmallow, and grilling it. It’s one of those recipes that’s been sitting in the back of my brain for days now…hmmm……

  8. I thought you were going to end up making a homemade sausage/dog to go in your croissants! TJ’s products are always a close second, imo. I’ve not tried veggie dogs. My daughter really likes veggie sausage (I have some in my freezer from her last visit).

    I’m still impressed/awed by your croissant skills.

  9. Now how often do you have 1/2 a recipe of croissant dough just sitting in your refrigerator…never at my house…at least not yet! This looks like a crowd pleaser for any age!

  10. We may or may not have gluttonously rolled an Italian sausage in brioche dough a few months ago. These look so yummy, so much better than the granola bar I just finished.

  11. If I keep reading about your homemade croissants and all of the wonderful things that you do with them, I am going to do the unthinkable and try to make them myself — and that could get really ugly. You are making them REALLY hard to resist, though.

  12. LOL – I love it! My secret guilty pleasure are the mini-bagel dogs from Costco. Your recipe looks 100x better!! They would be gone in no time around here!

  13. I second Cathy’s comment…your croissant enthusiasm is definitely catching…

    And I love, love that you made these veggie. I admit to eating a few smart dogs every summer in a fit of nostalgia…

  14. That’s hilarious! We used to eat pigs in blankets (with the Pillsbury dough) all the time as kids. Your version looks amazing. I can’t wait to read about the morning buns, too. I have half a batch of croissant dough in my freezer and I can’t decide what to make with it…

  15. These look totally fabulous!! I love “pigs” in a blanket. How totally yummy. And I adore morning buns, by the way. I can’t wait to see your post about them. There’s this bakery in Berkeley called La Farine, and they make the best morning buns I’ve ever had. Talk about an addictive morning treat!

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