Sour Lemon Scones


I got Baked.

The cookbook, silly. 😛

I made the first recipe in the book, Sour Lemon Scones. I’ve determined that scones are my favorite goodies to bake. They are quick and easy. You don’t have to wait for butter to reach room temperature.  They don’t have to have a perfect shape. In fact, they look better rustic.

However, these scones were a bit fussy and not so quick. One of the ingredients is candied lemon peel. Even though this ingredient is optional, I decided to make it because it’s incorporated into the scone dough and not used as decoration. Making the lemon peel added some time and fussiness, but other than that these came together fine.

As for the taste? I didn’t think the lemon flavor was strong enough. I think if you are going to be called SOUR Lemon Scones, you really should have a strong lemon taste. The scone itself was wonderful. The texture was light and fluffy, not dense.  I will definitely make these again, but up the amount of lemon zest and  maybe add a bit of lemon juice.

You can find the recipe here.


9 thoughts on “Sour Lemon Scones

  1. I got baked, too, about a month ago but have yet to make anything from it. The scones look good. I’ve yet to try making any of those either.

    Happy V-day!!

  2. I’m glad you explained, my friend, because I can’t believe it! A baking book that I don’t own, haven’t borrowed, never even heard of. 🙂 These look wonderful – and since the texture is the hard part, and these were good that way, the lemoniness will be easy to fix.

  3. I’ve been wanting a copy of that book for a while… and the Tartine book.
    The scones look delicious- too bad they weren’t as lemony as you wanted. I totally would have pulsed the zest and the 1/2 c. sugar together… and probably would have doubled the zest as I am a fiend for lemon!

  4. I just got that cookbook too, but haven’t made anything yet. I also got Super Natural Cooking, mostly because I saw it over there and from the things you said about it. These scones look delish!

  5. These look delicious! Too bad they weren’t everything you hoped for. I was just thinking about making scones today. They’re also my favorite thing…in fact there was one season that I baked them so often that I didn’t even need my recipe book around. Today, though, I wish I had pulled it out. The sky was grey and I was longing for a cup of hot tea with a warm scone.

    Maybe tomorrow.

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