OMG! Cheese. Oh, and some quinoa and mushrooms too.

I love cheese. All kinds. I love cheese with bread and wine. I love cheese with fruit. I love cheese-smothered anything.

I have a new favorite cheese: La Tur.

imgp3427It’s an Italian triple-cream cheese made from cow, sheep, and goat milk. It’s heaven. Pure heaven. I bought it because I was looking for Crescenza and couldn’t find it. A Whole Foods employee recommended La Tur. I’m so glad WF did not have Crescenza.


I was looking for Crescenza for Quinoa and Crescenza with Sauteed Mushrooms {<—recipe here}, the next recipe out of Super Natural Foods on my list. Definitely try this recipe. The quinoa is cooked with wine, garlic, and onions. I used extra-virgin olive oil  instead of clarified butter. And of  course I used La Tur instead of Crescenza, which takes it to a whole other level. The mushrooms are quick and easy to make, sauteed in olive oil with a bit of red pepper flakes and salt.


I paired the quinoa with a green salad and Old-Fashioned Dinner Rolls {<—recipe here} from a The Art & Soul of Baking recipe.  I made the cloverleaf variation, which is just one roll divided into 3 and stuffed and baked  in a muffin tin. The roll was absolutely delicious, but when La Tur is in the picture it takes a back seat. 😛



14 thoughts on “OMG! Cheese. Oh, and some quinoa and mushrooms too.

  1. I am definitely going to look for that cheese next time I am in the city.
    I love cheese, and I love triple creme!
    Definitely have to go ahead and order Super Natural Foods, your dishes from it look so good!

  2. I’m glad (for your sake!) that WF didn’t have Crescenza either (not that I’ve ever tried it…). This looks so, so good. I have some mushrooms, and WF is right around the corner now…

  3. I have to make a trip to Whole Paycheck to find that cheese – because it sounds like a fabulous version of brie.

    I love anything covered in cheese, too.

  4. Oh, yumm. I’ve never had La Tur. One of my fave restaurants does a frittata topped with spring greens and Crescenza…it sounds like it would be even better with the La Tur.

  5. Oh my goodness is right. The cheese what to say about the cheese, yum, sounds delightful? There is a Whole Foods about a half hour away and have yet to get there guess I really need to stop being lazy & get there!

    On to the mushrooms….we LOVE mushrooms! Did I say love,okay good. Yours look heavenly!

  6. most gourmet cheeses are hard to come by in my town, but when I go to Dallas again I will definitely pick up some La Tur and try this recipe. It sounds so good!

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