Ice Cream Flavor of the Week: Fleur de Lait


Once we become adults, most of us give up drinking tall cool glasses of milk.  Sure we drink our lattes and cappuccinos, eat our morning bowls of cereal.

This week’s ice gream recipe evokes the childhood memory of a pure and simple glass of milk. The clean taste of milk is the star of this frozen treat. {I think it is technically a sorbet/sherbet} No other flavors are added.


The recipe for Fleur de Lait (“Flower of Milk”) comes from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. If I haven’t convinced you yet to buy this book, this should.


I sprinkled my scoop with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Fleur de Lait does not need anything added to it, but I’m addicted to them! These are so delicious and unusual tasting. You can find them at Trader Joes. YUM!