New {to me} snack/energy bars

I go to the gym in the morning before work and if I am running short on time I often grab a snack bar to eat on the way to the gym. I also carry them around in my purse and at work to eat when I get hungry.

I’m picky about my snack bars and only buy and eat ones that have natural, non-chemically sounding, and short ingredient lists. I’ve been rotating between Lara Bars, Think Organic Bars, and Clif Nectar Bars. This week I found three other brands:

Divinely D’lish

18 Rabbits

Prana Bars

One thought on “New {to me} snack/energy bars

  1. You have to try Ellie Krieger’s Energgy Bars. They are easy to make, healthy, and oddly addictive. It’s featured in her The Food You Crave cookbook.

    (I have the recipe on my blog, if you’re interested.)

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