The {almost} impossible to find mini-springform pan

I needed a 4 or 5 inch mini-springform pan. I went to Cost Plus b/c I saw one there in the past. There was one left, but it was missing its removable bottom. I went to Target. They had one, but it was super mini; maybe 2.5 inches. Too small. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Nope. I went to Kohl’s. Failed again. I went to Walmart(shudder). Didn’t have it. I went to K-mart and then Mervyn’s. Nope and Nope. I finally went to this little cake decorating supply store, that I’ve driven by many times and thought was just a failed business empty storefront. Lo and behold they were open! 🙂 I’m so glad I went in. Not only did they have my mini-springform pan, but lots and lots of different types. It’s a really cool store. Lesson learned: next time I need a baking pan go to the cake store first!:P


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